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Icons lie. I am not really a deer.

vil-grim said: Zawsze może być taka opcja, że ktoś przekręcił numery telefonu, jeśli to był sms.

Dostałam też potwierdzenie mailem. Ale ani słowa o tym od kogo ta paczka ;__;

I just got a text that my order is arriving in a parcelmat in 1-2 days. 

I didn’t order anything?

Am I being framed for murder? Is that how it starts?

He’s trying to bury his food in the floor now

He’s trying to dig up the wooden panels

cat. cat, no

I’m looking after my sister’s cat this August and I swear, this creature is so dumb.

…oh how I love when I take a shower and wash my hair and smell all nice and then my sister and father start chain-smoking in the kitchen and I start to smell like an ashtray

I’m back, it was quite rad in Berlin actually, seen stuff, bought stuff, it was fun. Came back to the drought and #jedzjabłka. And I do not have to have my upper wisdom teeth removed so yay!

  1. vil-grim said: A czego nie zrobisz? >:)

Mam list do napisania do klientów kancelarii o zmianach w ustawie kombatanckiej. Nie wiem co mówią prawnicy. Czy prawnicy to w ogóle ludzie? Co oni jedzą??

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i’m so not gonna do it

Honestly, I can’t even bullshit this because I have no idea how it’s supposed to look like. Like, how do lawyers address their clients? What do they say?? I’d rather not write it than mess this up but I have to but my page is just blanki it’s so fucking frustrating